Patrick & Grey O'Brien

The 2nd generation of O'Brien's in the loan business are here to help you get the Auto Financing you've been looking for. They are eager to help you out as much as possible to get a deal done for you! They can also help you with Title Loans and Title Pawn Rescues!


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Chuck O'Brien

Chuck has been in the loan business for 40+ years. With his experience comes a large amount of knowledge of the ins and outs of lending. He is now the overseer of operations.


About Us

Gunner, Sandie, Lily, & Bama

These 4 happy dogs make up our Friday Greeting Committee.  Come see us on Fridays and they will gladly greet you with a ball to throw for them.

​​Bay Shore Finance, Inc

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Our Experience makes the difference.

Since 2008, our team of experienced Loan Officers have been dedicated to providing the best personal service to our customers. We take each application as a singular deal and bring about the most effective opportunities ensuring you get the successful outcome you are looking for. We're proud that so many of our customers have repeatedly turned to us for help in their time of need. We treat our customers the same way we expect to be treated, with respect and dignity. Let us help you out!

Our Loan Officers

We offer 80+ years of loan experience in our office! We pride ourselves on being a small, locally owned and operated business and treat each customer with care and consideration.  With all the years of experience in our office there aren't many situations we haven't seen or can't handle.  If you ever have a situation, you call our location and will get a real person on the phone who will help you to the best of their ability.

Mrs. Tina

Mrs. Tina is the friendly face that greets our customers. She has experience with multiple companies in the Loan Industry and can solve almost any problem.